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New Goodwill Store Opens Before Sunrise on Tuesday

Pictured here, the newest central Indiana Goodwill store opens Tuesday before sunrise next to Lowe's on SR 37 in Noblesville.

Election Goodwill at Anderson City Hall Absent as of Sunset on Friday

  • Noblesville, Cicero, and Lapel Await Goodwill Opening on Tuesday
  • 25% More Floor Space, Larger Drive-Thru, Serpentine Checkout Debut
  • Alarming Comments from Anderson City Official and Spouse towards Mayoral Challenger

Newest Goodwill Set to Open with Black Friday Like Fanfare

Residents of Noblesville and western Madison County await the opening of the newest Goodwill Store this week.  After being located in Noblesville’s Noble Creek Shopping Center for more than a decade, Goodwill is relocating across SR 37 to a location adjacent to Lowe’s and H.H. Gregg.

New Goodwill Store in Noblesville opens Tuesday at 7 a.m.

Newest central Indiana Goodwill Store opens Tuesday at 7 a.m, in Noblesville.

The newly renovated 19,000 square ft. store, which recently housed Office Depot, will open Tuesday at 7 a.m. and feature a serpentine checkout system with six cashiers (think Marshalls), a larger drive-thru, more floor space, and a conveyor belt driven drop off station.

On Saturday, three days prior to Tuesday’s grand opening, the new store was already well stocked with recently donated items.  Associates were busy at the Noble Creek location dismantling displays and selling the few remaining items at the old location.  Managers expressed excitement about Tuesday’s upcoming store debut.

Sam Perry, director of marketing at Goodwill Industries told the Noblesville Times the move “is driven by customer demand.  It’s been a real successful store for us, and it’s an opportunity to open it up a little bit and create an even better shopping and donating experience for folks.”

Facebook Eruption:  Goodwill Questions Surround City Hall

Mayor Kevin Smith (R) taking it all in stride at the 2011 Alexandria 4-H Fair Parade.

This year, Mayor Kevin Smith (R) will march in his fifth attempt as an Anderson mayoral candidate, after running both as a Republican and Democrat.  Smith lost as a Democrat to former mayor, J. Mark Lawler, and then as a Republican to former mayor, Kris Ockomon

While excitement surrounded the opening of the area’s newest Goodwill store, the primary election goodwill was absent among members of the Mayor Kevin Smith administration.

An Anderson City Hall official and politicos linked to Anderson, Ind. Mayor, Kevin S. Smith (R) took to social media over the weekend after media outlets reported 13 women filed for 11 elected city offices, including mayor. A self-described public official and Smith appointee made troubling comments on Facebook. The comments were made in response to a Herald Bulletin Facebook post on Saturday.

Using anecdotal personal observations about women in high public offices, the city official appeared to question the dedication of women to run a city successfully and to raise children at the same time.  The city administrator said, “I can tell you that running this City (Anderson) successfully is no small feat of dedication.  It will CONSUME a mayor’s life for four years.”  The official continued, saying, “A mayor will live, breathe, eat, and sleep their roll (sic) for 48 very long months.”

According to the U.S. Conference of Mayors, of 1,351 mayors of U.S. cities with populations over 30,000, 249, or 18.4% are women.  In fact, some of the largest cities in the U.S. have mayors who are women, including: Houston, Fort Worth, Baltimore, Las Vegas, and Minneapolis.  According to the mayoral group, Columbus and Richmond, two central Indiana cities on the list, currently have mayors who are women.  Former Highland High School graduate Sharon McShurley served as Muncie, Ind. mayor from 2008-2011.

U.S Congresswoman, Susan Brooks (R)

U.S Congresswoman, Susan Brooks (R)

Current Anderson area U.S. Congresswoman Susan W. Brooks, lauded working families in a press release supporting Working Families legislation shortly after being sworn into office.  Brooks, herself a former Deputy Mayor of Indianapolis, former US. Attorney for the Southern District of Indiana, and former Senior Vice President and General Counsel for Ivy Tech Community College, said, “As a mom who’s been both an employer and an employee, I know helping workers balance their career aspirations and personal responsibilities is a winning policy.”

Pictured here, the newest central Indiana Goodwill store opens Tuesday before sunrise next to Lowe's on SR 37 in Noblesville.

Pictured here, the newest central Indiana Goodwill store opens Tuesday before sunrise next to Lowe’s on SR 37 in Noblesville.

Hopefully goodwill for the primary is restored through the Tuesday, May 5th election.  The grand opening of the Noblesville Goodwill store is, however, certain. Doors open at 7 a.m. (40 minutes before sunrise), Tuesday, February 10th.


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    This obviously would’ve served best as two separate articles.

  • DebLea Sunday, February 8, 2015, 8:02 pm

    What the heck? Nobles vile is in Hamilton County. What has Kevin Smith and all this BS surrounding him got to do with a Goodwill store opening in another town in another county? This article is NUTZ!!

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