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Will the 47% water

Is Your Laundry “Rusty” for a Reason?

Utility Regulators Look for Action on Local Water Quality

State Officials Refer City to “Page 2″ of EPA Water Handbook

Anderson Mayor Kevin S. Smith (R)

Administration officials of Anderson, Ind. Mayor Kevin S. Smith (R) “acknowledge” to Indiana utility regulators that no water strategic plan exists for the City of Anderson.

The Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor (OUCC)  has some advice for Anderson Mayor Kevin S. Smith (R) — Don’t Forget to Flush.  Iron oxide levels in Anderson’s water supply have the OUCC asking City of Anderson officials to develop a plan to flush the city water lines to improve water quality in the city.  The OUCC says “Indiana consumers have the right to READ MORE

Anderson Mayor Kevin Smith (R)

Anderson Utility Customers Get Soaked: Must Pay a Second Time for Promised Work

Indiana Officials:  No Lifeline to Water Customers for Past Promises

Blame Game Spills Over to Facebook

ALERT and Call 6 Investigators reveal Anderson water tower inspection record.

ALERT and Call 6 Investigators reveal Anderson water tower inspection record.

The Eighth Street water tower looms high above Anderson.  Holding 500,000 gallons of water and supporting over 4 million pounds of weight, the tank is one of six City of Anderson owned water towers cited by the Indiana Office of Utility Counselor (OUCC) as being years behind on standard routine safety inspections.  The Eighth Street tower hasn’t received a professional inspection since 1996, according to documents filed by the City of Anderson with the OUCC.

An ALERT investigation of OUCC documents filed during the past 10 years reveals that the Eighth Street tower has been of particular interest to the State of Indiana since 2006.  During Mayor Kevin Smith’s first term, and as a condition READ MORE

Hans Brinker


Government documents obtained by the Madison County ALERT outline plans being considered regarding how to redirect excess water from the proposed Mounds Lake Reservoir to Geist Reservoir near Fishers, and Morse Reservoir near Noblesville, in an effort to stabilize water levels at each lake.

If constructed, sources say Mounds Lake Reservoir will be less than two miles from the Fall Creek watershed which is the main source of water for Geist and the largest drainage system in southern Madison County.  Confirmed discussions among government officials offer insight into how the movement of water may be achieved.

If viable, officials have discussed using Madison County and Anderson area surface water ditch systems to READ MORE


Hans BrinkerLand Needed Away from Reservoir

The ALERT has obtained government documents revealing more about the plans associated with the Mounds Lake Reservoir.  Government sources say land purchases and easements will not be confined strictly to the area adjacent to the reservoir, but will expand to Muncie, and potentially beyond.  The additional land is needed to trap sediment to prevent it from reaching the reservoir.

The ALERT has also learned of additional plans of how buffer zones will be used.  Buffers around the edge of the reservoir will be purchased, or obtained through an easement process, to capture sediment and allow for changes in elevation due to flooding and drought.  Mounds Lake will help stabilize water levels at Geist and Morse reservoirs, but will differ from those two as housing and other development will not be permitted to the shoreline.

According to documents obtained, a READ MORE



$6 Million in Local Property Tax Abatement Benefits $650 Million Deal

The Madison County ALERT is first to report that E.ON Climate and Renewables has agreed to sell 80% of its ownership in the Elwood, Ind. wind farm to Enbridge, Inc., a Canadian energy delivery company.

The Dusseldorf, Germany based E.ON is the world’s largest electric utility, generating over $165 billion in revenues last year.  E.ON began acquiring land rights in northern Madison County, eastern Tipton County, and southern Grant County nearly four years ago in preparation to build its 8,500 acre, mega windmill farm near Elwood.  The farm became operational in late 2012 with 126 turbines.

According to the deal, Enbridge will pay E.ON $650 million for an 80% majority ownership interest in the Elwood farm and one also in Texas.  The Elwood Wildcat location generates 202 MW of electricity and the Magic Valley wind farm near Harligen, Texas generates 203 MW.

File photo:  Elwood wind farm sold in a $650 million deal.

File photo: Elwood wind farm sold in a $650 million deal.

During 2011, E.ON requested local property tax abatements from Madison, Tipton, and Grant counties, saying local tax abatements were needed to make the project viable.  The Kokomo Tribune quoted Andy Melka, assistant development manager for E.ON saying “The tax abatement is necessary for the project to move forward.”

Approval of E.ON’s tax abatement requests became the subject of community debate in Madison and READ MORE


Tankless Job

In December, ALERT and Call 6 Investigators reveal Anderson water tower inspection record.

Only One Anderson Water Tower Inspected During Previous 12 Years

According to state utility regulators, six of Anderson’s seven water towers have not been professionally inspected during the past 12 years, or longer.  State utility officials in a press release today said that the City of Anderson should be following safe drinking water standards established by the American Water Works Association for its water towers.

Anderson Mayor Kevin S.Smith (R)

Anderson Mayor Kevin Smith

As Indiana officials move forward on the 47% water rate increase proposed by Mayor Kevin S. Smith and approved by the city council earlier this year, regulators said the city “shall have a maintenance program that includes periodic cleaning and refurbishing of facilities, as required.  Cleaning of covered storage shall be based (on) internal inspection (and) conducted at a minimum of every 5 years.”  The commission also said the program developed should comply with a “goal to reduce water age in the finished water storage facility.”

According to documents released by the Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor (OUCC), the city has READ MORE

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Who Won Big and Who Lost Badly in Madison County on Tuesday?

The following are our picks for the top 5 winners and losers from last week’s election.  Whether you are a Republican, Democrat, or Independent, we think you will find our analysis of the election interesting and insightful. READ MORE


Traffic Delays in Downtown Anderson

A car collided with a CSX train Sunday evening in downtown Anderson.  The crash occurred on Main Street just south of 14th Street less than 30 feet away from the historic Big 4 Train Depot.  The depot was undamaged in the accident, but the vehicle was towed from the scene.

Engine of the CSX train after the collision.

Engine of the CSX train after the collision.

According to a CSX employee at the scene, a member of the train crew sustained READ MORE

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